Early Morning on the Ashley River

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Early Morning on the Ashley River


This painting by Andrew Melrose synthesizes many of the essential elements which characterize the South in visual art during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As we look east over the Ashley River in Charleston, SC, we see the landscape of the Lowcountry as both a literal and figurative background upon which rests the South's social and economic identities. It is this interdependent relationship with the land which became the foundation for a tradition of Southern art that has only to recently begun to receive critical study. Melrose created three known versions of this composition, the first appearing as an engraving in an edition of Frank Leslie’s Popular Monthly magazine in 1876. The vantage point is believed to be on the current grounds of Middleton Plantation.


Melrose, Andrew




ca 1880


Wright Collection of Southern Art


Scotland, 1836-1901

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oil on canvas

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