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Views of Washington, DC


John Ross Key was the grandson of American poet and attorney Francis Scott Key, author of the Star Spangled Banner. In the 1850s, Key befriended the artist James Abbot Mcneil Whistler while the two were working with the US Coast Survey. This is one of two finished versions of View of Washington, DC. The other painting, which is much larger, though nearly identical in composition, belongs to The Johnson Collection, in Spartanburg, SC. Although the painting is not Southern in subject, Key’s artistic pedigree was established after he joined the Confederate Army’s corps of engineers during the Civil War. While thus engaged, he was appointed by Gen. P.T. Beauregard to serve on a committee who were tasked with documenting the Federal siege of Charleston Harbor. Key responded by recording the naval bombardment of Fort Sumter in an oil painting which was later famously misattributed to the eminent Hudson River School artist, Albert Beirdstadt.


Key, John Ross




ca xxxx


Wright Collection of Southern Art


American, 1901-1970

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oil on canvas

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