Miles Brewton House, Charleston

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Miles Brewton House, Charleston


The subject of this painting is the colonial residence of the successful Charleston merchant, Miles Brewton. The home was built during the years 1765 – 1769, and is considered by historians to be one of the finest American examples of the Georgian-styled “double house”, whose principles of design were first established by 16th century Italian architect, Andrea Palladio. Due to its distinguished size and appearance, the Miles Brewton House was overtaken as military headquarters and barracks by the British and Union armies during the occupations of Charleston in the Revolutionary and Civil wars, respectively. Colin Campbell Cooper is, “widely recognized for his architectural paintings, particularly his depictions of the modern American skyscraper… (he) was an avid traveler. In fact, he was aboard the S. S. Carpathia when it steamed to the rescue of passengers of the Titanic in April 1912.”


Cooper, Colin Campbell






Wright Collection of Southern Art


American, 1856-1937

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watercolor and gouache on linen

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