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Ordinary to Extraordinary




Through this multidisciplinary unit, learners explore the concept of metamorphosis within environmental science and art. Learners will study the impact of man-made materials, such as Styrofoam, on the environment, and how these discarded materials can be transformed into abstract art.


Katie Pfrommer


Wave Vessel, Jennifer C. McCurdy CMA 2010.7
Fire, Yamaguchi Ryuun CMA2007.16.1
Untitled, Dale Chihuly CMA2010.4


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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9 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
Standard 3: The learner will examine the content of works of visual art and use elements from them in creating his or her own works.
VAH2-3.1 Explore the sources of the subject matter and the ideas in variety of works of visual art.
VAH2-3.2 Analyze and describe the relationships among subject matter, symbols, and themes in communicating intended meaning in his or her artworks and the works of others.

Integrated CCSS:
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.3 Follow precisely a multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks.


• Learners will explore the enduring idea metamorphosis and discuss the impact humans have on the earth’s transformation.
• Learners will study environmental science topics of recycling and reusing materials.
• Learners will discuss how materials can be reused to create art.
• Learners will study and critique the selected works from the Columbia Museum of Art collection, emphasizing the abstract sculptural form.
• Learners will research ideas and design a sculpture that uses repetitive shapes and positive and negative space to be viewed in the round.
• Learners will reuse discarded Styrofoam to create this abstract sculpture.
• Learners will participate in multiple class critiques on their own sculpture as well as others.
• Learners will reflect on the process and critique their artwork by writing an artist statement on their work.


Collected packing Styrofoam
Collected washed Styrofoam cups
Exacto knives and replacement blades

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