Transforming Tradition through Technology: Pixelated Soldered Stained Glass

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Transforming Tradition through Technology: Pixelated Soldered Stained Glass


Passage of Time


Within this multidisciplinary unit, learners will study the enduring idea The Passage of Time throughout the art of stained glass. Selected traditional stained glass artworks from the Columbia Museum of Art will be compared to modern stained glass artworks. Learners will work in groups to create a pixelated soldered stained glass installation that transforms tradition through technology.


Katie Pfrommer


Autumn; Winter (from set of Windows Depicting the Four Seasons), Daniel Cottier 1995.1.1-2
Clerestory Window Panel (for Auldbrass Plantation, Yemassee, SC), Frank Lloyd Wright CMA1993.16
Table Lamp, Tiffany Studios CMA1993.11.40ab


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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12 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
Standard 4: The student will understand the visual arts in relation to history and world cultures and the technologies, tools, and materials used by artists.
VAH1-4.1 Describe ways that the subject matter, symbols, ideas, and technologies in various artworks are related to history and culture.
VAH1-4.3 Describe and discuss the function and meaning of specific artworks from various world cultures and historical periods.

Integrated CCSS:
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.11-12.7 Integrate and evaluate multiple sources of information presented in diverse formats and media (e.g., visually, quantitatively, as well as in words) in order to address a question or solve a problem.


• Learners participate in motivator activity “Pixelated Post It Puzzle.” Teacher leads discussion in the role of technology in contemporary artwork.
• Learners discuss the passage of time through stained glass art history. Learners will view the works of art in the Columbia Museum of Art collection and compare them to contemporary stained glass artwork.
• Learners will compare and contrast a selected CMA stained glass artwork to a selected contemporary art piece.
• Learners will apply the traditional stained glass techniques and work in groups to create a contemporary art installation to be displayed in the school.
• Learners will reflect on the process through a written critique.


Handheld art app
Adobe Photoshop or other design program
Large paper for template
Large board for mobile work surface
Stained Glass in colors specific to design
Paper in same colors as glass
Rubber cement/glue sticks to adhere pattern
Class Cutters
Cutting Oil
Grinder coolant
Silver Lined copper foil
Burnishing tool
Tacks to hold foiled pieces in place
Soldering surface (cut piece of drywall or board)
Flux cleaner
Hardware for installation

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