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Facing Emotions




Adolescence can be an extremely emotional time when individuals are flooded with a variety emotions and feelings. Learning how to identify emotions may help learners to develop empathy. Within this multidisciplinary unit, learners will explore the enduring idea, Emotion, while studying art history, art criticism, and art making. Learners will study the historical and contemporary art of face jugs and create their own interpretation of a vessel expressing emotion.


Katie Pfrommer


• (Face Jug) CMA1981.19
• Untitled, Ken Carder CMA 2006.7.5
• Trude, Willard Hirsch CMA1986.20.4
• Storyteller, Anonymous CMA2008.8


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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14 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
• VAH1-5 The learner will analyze and assess the characteristics and qualities of his or her own works of visual art and those of others.
• VAH1-5.2 Make complex, descriptive, interpretative, and evaluative judgments about his or her own artworks and those of others.

Integrated CCSS:
Social Studies: South Carolina History


• Learners will study the art making and historical context of face jugs within South Carolina history.
• Learners will compare and contrast the selected artworks from the Columbia Museum of Art collection and discuss the emotion within each artwork.
• Learners will study the contemporary face jugs of local artist, Peter Lenzo, discussing the enduring idea Emotions.
• Learners will brainstorm a variety of emotions, focusing on how the emotions can be portrayed visually.
• Learners will select one emotion (or more depending on the design) to create their own interpretation of a face jug.
• Learners will select one of the exemplar artworks from Handheld Art to complete a written Feldman critique.
• Learners will apply a combination of hand-building clay techniques to create a coiled vessel with additive expressive facial features.
• Learners will participate in multiple class critiques and discussions on the enduring idea Emotions.


Handheld Art application
Handheld Devise
Clay tools
Rolling pins
Water containers
Spray bottles
Gallon Ziploc bags
Sharpie (for names on bags)
Glaze (clear dipping glaze)
Wax resist

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