Stepping it Up: Community Art Project

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Stepping it Up: Community Art Project




Within this multidisciplinary unit, learners will explore the enduring idea Community throughout history and cultures. Learners will work in groups and collaborate with other disciplines to create a public art mosaic mural on public steps or surfaces. Learners will study three community art projects and discuss how public art enhances a sense of community.


Katie Pfrommer


From One Hundred Views of Edo, Hiroshige Utagawa CMA1977.18
Seahorses/RYU No Otoshigo, Yoshida Toshi CMA1972.16
Sunny Harbor, Werner Drewes CMA1957.59
Banks of the Ashley River, Alfred Hutty CMA1991.11.2


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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21 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
Standard 6: The student will make connections between the visual arts and other arts disciplines, other content areas, and the world.
VAH1-6.1 Analyze the similarities and differences between the visual arts and other arts disciplines.
VAH1-6.2 Compare and contrast concepts, issues, and themes in the visual arts and other subjects in the school curriculum.

Integrated CCSS:
Social Studies
• CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RH.9-10.5 Analyze how a text uses structure to emphasize key points or advance an explanation or analysis.


• The learners will research and explore the enduring idea Community throughout history and cultures.
• The learners will participate in a class discussion of key factors and barriers for building communities.
• The learners will study the exemplar images from the Columbia Museum of Art collection and discuss how the enduring idea Community can be represented visually.
• The learners will discuss symbolism within the exemplar artworks and adopt symbols that represent their own community.
• The learners will create an original design for a public art mosaic that visually represents their interpretation of the community in which they live.
• The learners will write one sentence about what their community means to them.
• The learners will critique the mural designs from the other learners and vote on three designs to represent each class. The school will vote using an online poll to decide on the final design.
• Students, faculty, staff, and alumni will have the opportunity to donate one ceramic item to the public art project.
• Each learner will design and create a handmade clay tile representing his/her place within the community using imagery and text. This tile will be included in the mural.
• The learners will work in groups to create and install 2 square feet sections of the mural.
• The learners will write a poem on the meaning of Community and one poem will be selected to be displayed on a plaque with the mural.


Graph paper for design
Variety of colorful ceramic and glass tiles
Donated tiles and ceramic objects
Tile saws
Snap and score tile cutters
Hand Held tile cutters
Mosaic Tile Mesh
Weldbond Adhesive
Thin Set Mortar
Notched Trowels
Five Gallon Buckets
Drop clothes/tarps
Engraved plaque for name plate and chosen poem
Tents (optional) for installation days

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