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Women as Objects




Learners will explore gender inequality by creating photographic images and staged sets in order to portray their feelings about women as objects. Through art making and study of women’s fight for equality via the Feminist Movement which began with the Suffragettes in the late 19th century to early 20th century , learners will take a critical look at how women have been portrayed & treated since time immemorial. Beginning study in historical texts such as the Bible, art portrayals throughout history and current media texts learners will be able to develop their own ideas about conflict as it relates to discrimination. Learners will gain a better understanding of the opposite sex and hopefully will walk away from this project having a deeper respect for each other and a belief that all humans are created equal and deserve to be treated so.


Ginger Henson


Alexander Archipenko, Torso in Space, 2000.6.1
Jean-Jacques Henner, Melancholy (girl with auburn hair), 1963.52
Greg Miller, Sure Thing, 2008.7
Tom Wesselmen, Study of Bedroom #1, 1998.16.1
Hubert-Noel Louis, Abduction of Europa, 1990.3.20


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Columbia Museum of Art

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Visual Arts Standards:
VA8-1.1 Analyze how different media, techniques, and processes evoke different responses in the viewer of an artwork.
VA8-1.2 Select interpret, and apply the most effective media, techniques, and processes to communicate their experiences and ideas through their artworks.
VA8-2.3 Select and apply the most effective media, techniques, and processes to communicate their experiences and ideas through their artworks.
VA8-3.1 Analyze and critique visual metaphors and symbols in an artwork to convey meaning.

CCSS Standard:
U.S. History Era 9-Standard 4: The struggle for racial and gender equality and the extension of civil liberties.
ELA-Literacy.W.8.2c: Use appropriate and varied transitions to create cohesion and clarify the relationships among ideas and concepts.


-The learners will work in collaboration on this project. In groups learners will be asked to think of ways that women are portrayed, how women perceive themselves and how men perceive women, whether it be through stereotypes or personal reflection?
-The learners will explore connections between making photography and exploring women as objects. They will utilize ideas of composition and style of photography that have been introduced to them.
-Learners will create staged photographic compositions utilizing their ideas and the theme of the project. Learners will open up a dialogue among others displaying critical thinking and understanding of both their own sex and the opposite sex.
-Learners will gain knowledge of the history of women’s inequality, understand and be able to read media texts more critically, create art that has meaning and relates to subject matter, gain skills in proper use of camera media technology, and learn how to create sets using costuming, props etc., and gain life skills in communication and collaboration through working in groups.


Digital Cameras
Photo paper
Art Journal
Art materials for set-design

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