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Symbols of Loss




Learners will discuss the concept suffering is loss through the works of CMA artists Sigmund Abeles, Leo Twiggs, and Jeff Donovan. The teacher and learners will discuss what it means to lose something, or someone. After sharing stories of loss surrounding our lives, the teacher will discuss many different cultural emblems and items that symbolize emotion, loss, suffering, and personal experience. Learners will identify with and use these “codes” to include in an abstract ceramic portrait.


Kara Luke


-Sigmund Abeles, Blind Musician and Dog, 1957; CMA 1957.17
-Leo Twiggs, Red House, 2006; CMA 2011.16.1
-Jeff Donovan, Dream Boater, 2008; CMA 2009.7a-e


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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15 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
Standard H1-III The student will explore prospective content in artworks.
Standard H1-IV The student will demonstrate competency in their use of the visual arts in relation to history, various cultures, and technologies.

Integrated CCSS:
Standard MWH-5: The student will demonstrate an understanding of the influence of ideas and technology on the development of nation-states and empires in the sixteenth through the nineteenth centuries.


The learner will:
1. Discuss suffering as loss, listen to and share stories of personal loss.
2. Discuss using symbols in artwork and how they can be interpreted to mean something personal.
3. Create an abstract ceramic portrait using symbols to instill a deeper meaning of loss and personal experience.


Objects, paper, pencils, earthenware clay, ceramic tools, wooden boards, spray bottle, plastic bags, texture tools

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