(re)Mixed Messages: Investigating Cultural (re)Presentations of Beauty

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(re)Mixed Messages: Investigating Cultural (re)Presentations of Beauty




Visual art and visual culture are often responsible for creating and responding to culturally constructed notions of beauty. Despite one’s subjectivity, those ideas are communicated in ways that determine standards for what gets to count as beautiful and, more significantly, what does not. Investigating works of visual art and the visual culture of beauty enables learners to critically respond to misrepresentations or generalizations about beauty and construct new personal and collaborative notions of the beautiful.


Courtnie Wolfgang


2008.7 Greg Miller Sure Thing (2008)


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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Media Arts Standards:
MAHS 1-1.2 Use a variety of media technologies, techniques, and processes to communicate ideas.
MAHS 1-2.2 Create media artwork that communicates his or her experiences and reflects an analysis of social or community issues.

Integrated CCSS:
Have learners interpret patterns of behavior as reflecting values and attitudes, which contribute to or pose obstacles to cross-cultural understanding (National Standards for Social Studies: Culture and Cultural Diversity).


Learners identify and discuss different culturally constructed (re)presentations of beauty in visual art and visual culture.

Learners identify and articulate their own constructed notions of “beauty” and how/what/who those standards include/exclude.

Learners respond to/mashup personal and culturally constructed standards of beauty/inclusion/exclusion with the production of a “Concept in 60 Seconds” video.


Fashion and/or celebrity magazines
Glue or glue sticks
Thumb drives
Flip Camera or other digital image recording device
Computers or tablets outfitted with video editing software or app
Internet access
YouTube clip converter www.clipconverter.cc

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