Storytelling with Sgraffito

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Storytelling with Sgraffito




Heroes are celebrated and immortalized by communities and cultures in different ways. By exploring how contemporary, historical, and mythological heroes have been portrayed and honored in artwork; the learners will discuss how heroes are created and revered. Through the application of a series of ceramic processes, the learners will represent their personal heroes in a thoughtful and creative way.


Lane Laney


“Diana (The Hunt),” Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, with Karl Illava (1952.29)
“Martin Luther King, Jr.,” John Wilson (2002.11.2)
“Bowl or Wine Cooler with the Labors of Hercules,” Giovanni Alberghetti the Elder (1963.49)
“David Holding Goliath’s Head,” Guido Cagnacci (1962.21)
“Bottle (Meiping),” Anonymous (2007.3.39) (Example of Sgraffito technique)


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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9 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
VAH2-1.4 Apply materials, techniques, and processes with skill, confidence, and sensitivity sufficient to make his or her intentions observable in the artwork that he or she creates.
VAH2-3.1 Explore the sources of the subject matter and the ideas in variety of works of visual art.
VAH2-4.1 Describe ways that the subject matter, symbols, ideas, and technologies in various artworks are related to history and culture.
VAH2-4.3 Describe and discuss the function and meaning of specific artworks from various world cultures and historical periods.

Integrated CCSS: Social Studies - History; learners will acquire knowledge of the history and values of diverse civilizations throughout the world, including those of the West, and in comparing patterns of continuity and change in different parts of the world.


The learners will...
• plan and construct a smoothed coil vessel using appropriate hand building techniques
• plan and illustrate the labors, triumphs, or efforts of a hero
• appropriately apply sgraffito techniques to their vessel


Clay, colored slip (velvet underglaze can also work), sgraffito/scratch/loop/or needle tool (even a paper clip can work)

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