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Chandelier Shindig




“There’s a party goin’ on right here
A celebration to last throughout the years
So bring your good times and your laughter too
We gonna celebrate your party with you”

Celebration is a song that was released in 1980 created by Kool & the Gang. Despite this song creeping up on its 35th year anniversary, its lyrics describe a timeless tradition of joining together to socialize, remember, honor, or just have fun. Often packed with tradition, celebrations can be intimate and private, or open and public. In this unit, learners will share personal experiences of celebrations. Learners will reflect on what made these occasions memorable and how they felt during the celebration. Learners will also describe possible reasons for celebrations and will discuss why celebrations have been an important part of history. Lastly, learners will look at two different chandeliers and will create both a fictional story and an invitation about a fictional celebration at the house where each of the chandeliers reside.


Molly D. Chance


1. CMA 1991.21
- Once Removed: Camorla, Heidi Darr-Hope, 1990
2. CMA 1995.14
- Chandelier, Antonio Salviati, 1880-1890, hot-worked and hand-blown glass, wood inserts, and iron supports
3. CMA 2010.4
-Untitled, Dale Chihuly, 2009-2010, hot-worked and blown glass, metal, and wire


Handheld Art


Columbia Museum of Art

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8 classes


Visual Arts Standards:
1. VA3-2.3 Select and use various elements and principles of design to communicate his or her ideas and feelings in works of visual art.
2. VA3-3.2 Select and use subject matter, symbols, and ideas to communicate meaning through his or her artworks.
3. VA3-4.2 Discuss specific works of visual art in relationship to the technologies, tools, and materials used by the artists.

Integrated CCSS: Language Arts
1. 3-4.1 Generate ideas for writing by using strategies such as graphic organizers, discussion, and literary models.
2. 3-4.3 Use a variety of words to make writing interesting.
3. 3-4.6 Use proofreading to edit for previously learned conventions.
4. 3-5.2 Create descriptions of objects, people, places, or events, such as those related to South Carolina


1. The learner will clearly and specifically describe examples of celebrations.
2. The learner will write two short stories based on the chandeliers of Antonio Salviati and Dale Chihuly.
3. The learner will create an invitation for one of their fictional stories utilizing the design of one of the chandeliers for inspiration.
4. The learner will participate in both a self and group critique reflecting on how their image visually represents celebration.


- Notebook paper
- Pencils and erasers
- Cardstock
- Colored pencils
- A variety of papers (construction paper, magazine clippings, newspaper…)
- Scissors
- Glue

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